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The goal of this guide is to help you feel stronger and faster on your maximum capacity fitness tests and hopefully get you a personal best on your next run out! Not only are you going to feel great but it could also put you in front of those performing around you.


All the information in this guide has been put together with personal experiences along with leading scientific research into cardiovascular training. Although there are many factors to fitness (nutrition, strength training, sleep and recovery just to name a few!) this guide will focus on the training specifically around the fitness testing regime.


This guide contains

  • Exact techniques and tempos needed to achieve your goal time.
  • A detailed and adaptable training calendar to follow in off-season or during the season
  • Details on how to master your warm-up, breathing and how to use smartwatch features to get the most out of your fitness test training.
  • 7 different types of simple training sessions with varying lengths to mix and match to accommodate your busy schedules.


I understand time is limited in our busy lives so these workouts can be adapted and they come in different sizes to give you the best outcomes. All I ask for is commitment from you and I can guarantee that you will be able to achieve your fitness goals.


Thanks for joining me!

The Only Guide to a 5 Minute Bronco

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