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The clinic has moved to Abingdon, Oxfordshire! However we are still accepting new online clients.

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Lead Therapist

George Selwood BSc (Hons) ST MSST

My name is George and I am the owner of Retroflex Rehab. Having always been quite injury prone I have developed a passion for understanding how the body works and how to rehabilitate it. I studied in Gloucestershire where I gained experience working within Gloucester Rugby Development and the Talented Athlete Scholarship Scheme. I have valuable clinical experience whilst treating a diverse range of injuries. I am currently performing in professional rugby and working in collaboration with Europe's most successful private health club. My aim is to make health and movement as simple and accessible as possible. I hope that our open attitude and wide skill set create the perfect foundation for you to begin your journey to optimal fitness.

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The Philosophy

Provide sector-leading support to optimise performance and enhance rehabilitation  

Screen Movements

Detailed analysis of injury, physilogical movements, body strengths & weaknesses

Results Delivery

Deliver analytical results in an understandable format so that the patient can understand and commit to the rehabilitation plan.

Targeted Results

Goals are discussed and agreed to enhance expectations. Results will always be to get patient back to the best version they can get to.